Pocket Sharpeners

Pocket Sharpeners

Sharpeners Pocket Sharpeners

Simple and effective to address a variety of edges for a broad range of applications in the home, garden, outdoor activities. Available in both interrupted and continuous diamond surfaces, pocket models offer anywhere, anytime sharpening convenience.

Professionals, DIYers, machinists, hobbyists and sport enthusiasts alike appreciate the simplicity and utility of DMT’s pocket model sharpeners. Available in both the instantly recognizable DMT® interrupted polka dot patterned surface as well as a continuous surface, pocket models offer anywhere, anytime sharpening.

Just as with all DMT® brand products, DMT’s pocket models are innovative, precisely engineered, and USA manufactured using the highest quality materials and workmanship, all supported by the DMT® Commitment.


Mini-Sharp® Sharpener

DIYers, hobbyist, gardener and sports enthusiasts enjoy the handy key chain model that goes with you anywhere.

Diamond Whetstone™ Models

The DMT® signature polka dot pattern diamond stone conveniently sized for toolbox, glove box or drawer can handle a variety of edges and tools!

Diamond Whetstone™ Edger

Quick edge touch-up anywhere for skier and snowboarder alike! The interrupted polka-dot pattern provides the aggressive edge-care needed to keep them tearing up the slopes. Hockey players can quickly remove burrs from a skate in-between skate sharpening.

Burr Doctor®

Quick edge repair anywhere offers 0° to 5.5° adjustability with the Diamond Burr Stone™ Easily removes ice-hardened burrs quickly.

Dia-Sharp® Models

If you need to maintain small edges or pointed tools, or portability is of concern, DMT® offers 3-in. and 4-in. continuous diamond surface stones!

Dia-Sharp® Mini-Hone® Models

Catering to confined or narrow, hard-to-reach surfaces, these sharpeners are useful for standard edges as well. Utilizes continuous surface technology for the same precision quality results as other DMT® sharpeners. Offered in straight and off-set models.
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