Bench Stones

Bench Stones

Sharpeners Bench Stones

DMT®'s bench stones embody all DMT products: Innovative, precisely engineered, and manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials and workmanship. This broad category includes both interrupted and continuous diamond sharpening surfaces, single and double sided, in lengths ranging from 6” (152mm) to 12” (305mm). Within this category are three product groups: Diamond Whetstone™ and DuoSharp® (interrupted diamond surfaces) and Dia-Sharp® (continuous diamond surfaces).

DMT® Bench Stones are the benchmark for sharpening. Whether it’s general purpose sharpening, a specialty tool or flattening a water stone, DMT® has it. Our diamond bench stones are valued by woodworkers, culinary enthusiasts, hunters, fisherman and craftsmen alike.

Inventor of the instantly recognizable ‘interrupted’ polka dot patterned surface designed to keep the sharpening surface cleaner and guaranteed to sharpen in any direction, DMT® also offers a continuous surface bench stones for specific sharpening needs. In many models, DMT® Bench Stones are available in single- and double-sided versions.

Just as with all DMT® brand products, DMT’s bench stones are innovative, precisely engineered, and USA manufactured using the highest quality materials and workmanship, all supported by the DMT® Commitment.


Diamond Whetstone™ Bench Stones

Diamond Whetstone™ Models employ the interrupted diamond surface with recessed holes that collect the metal fines during sharpening, preventing loading and making sharpening fast, easy and clean.

DuoSharp® Bench Stone

Double-Sided. Innovative. Multi-Patented. DuoSharp® Bench Stones are precision flat, two diamond surfaced sharpener guaranteed to provide consistent, even sharpening every time. Employs DMT® interrupted surface technology and in the PLUS model, a continuous surface as well.

Dia-Sharp® Bench Stone

For users who prefer a continuous surface or must sharpen small or pointed tools, Dia-Sharp® Bench Stones are an excellent choice. They offer the same micronized monocrystalline diamond as DMT’s signature polka dot pattern. Continuous surface stones are less aggressive compared to the interrupted.


To prevent slipping on counter or workbench, use one of DMT’s bench stone accessories!
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